Town of Mysteries


The other face of Budapest! Explore the mystery while walking on the cobblestone streets!

Detective tourism and outdoor investigation. Our adventure sheets + your team = unforgettable experience.

There is a map, a list of tasks and an outrage in our Town of Myteries program what is solvable if you walk through the remarkable venues of Budapest. All the venues hide a trace, puzzle, riddle. You will be participants in our story like in an Agatha Christie novel... and for the end of the program all of the details will set up a story.

You can choose from varied programs: light sightseeing for everyone and bloody serious investigation for the thriller-lovers.

Find the best for your taste:


Immortal of Hungary - Playful adventure in Városliget

Which famous Hungarian is known by the whole world? Whose name was feared by millions, still wonder his/her kiss? ...Who became a cult person in a few years? ...who showed direction to our fantasy for decades? ...who made the world love the Hungarian accent? For sure you know this person too. The guy next to you also knows this person. But you do not know the solution exactly. So who is this person? ...and what else do you know about him/her?

Distance and duration: 2,3km – apx. 2 hours in Városliget
Solving time at the final station: 0,5 hour
Difficulty: 3/5
Suggested age limit: 14 years
Sightseeing experience: 5/5
Starting and final station: Nyereg, Budapest, Városliget krt. 2.Térkép